Terms and conditions

Upon ordering the client is deemed to agree with the following conditions:
1) The agreement

1.1) An agreement between GP and the client exists at the point where GP (after recieving all information from the client pertinent to the fullfilment of the agreement and relevant financial transactions) send a confirmatory email to the client. GP will fulfill the agreement when payment has been received.

1.2) Approval of a quotation or order by a client is deemed an instruction to supply the services or goods ordered.
2) Delivery

2.1) All articles sent to the client are subject to a rigourous inspection by GP. Plants are of excellent quality and well rooted. Risk of damage or loss during transport is to be borne by the client.

2.2) Upon receipt of plants from GP, the client should take immediate steps to guarantee their welfare, such as watering them and planting out where appropriate.

2.3) Annulment of the agreement by the client is possible at no charge if the maximum delivery time of 14 days of GP is exceeded. The client should make this known by email or by post.

2.4) In exceptional circumstances, the stated transport and administration costs can differ from the real costs. GP reserves the right to contact the client and renegotiate transport arrangements. In such circumstances, the client reserves the right to cancel the agreement.
3) Damages and returns


3.1) Should a delivery be deficient or damaged upon receipt by the client, the client should make this known to GP within 24 hours of receipt and should follow instructions by GP to alleviate the deficiency or damage. This may include sending a photograph to GP of the article(s) concerned.

3.2) The costs for return transport are to be borne by the client.

3.3) The costs for repair of or replacement of the original packaging are to be borne by the client.

3.4) The risk of damage or loss during return tranport is to be borne by the client.

3.5) Should the said deficiency or damage be demonstrably caused by the client then no claim can be made against the agreement.
4) Annulment and liability

4.1) If both parties agree to annulment of an order and the client requests restitution, GP will within a reasonable period pay return paid fees, reduced with any costs associated with articles 3.1 – 3.5 of these terms and conditions, plus the associated transport costs.

4.2) Unless GP can be shown to have been grossly negligent it shall not be liable to any consequence or damage, sickness or
conditions arising from any use or abuse or consumption of supplied goods.

4.3) GP cannot be liable for any damage ensuing should the website be unreachable or unavailable for transactions.

4.4) The client is responsible for the choice, usage and application of goods ordered.

4.5) GP tries to supply extensive and accurate information as to growing conditions for plants, tolerances etc. This information should be considered advisory and GP cannot be liable for any damage arising from interpretation of this information. Numerous factors can influence the health of a plant. GP cannot be liable for mistreatment or neglect of plants such as insufficient or over-watering or incorrect application of fertiliser or pest-controls. 4.6) GP reserves the right to immediate reclamation of goods in instances where the client cannot fulfil obligations.
5) Invoices which are not paid within the term of 14 days will incur an additional charge equal to 2% of the total invoice amount per month. Paritial months will be considered full months.
6) If, after due reminders, GP reasonably considers it necessary to take legal steps to recover amounts due, all costs arising from such steps will be borne by the client.
7) Dutch law is applicable to all our terms and conditions


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