Edible gardens

Citrus 'Keraji'

Hardy Keraji mandarin – harvest starts in December

Edible plants are useful in the garden for various reasons. Fresh home grown fruit or vegetables are usually of a much better quality (and more healthy!) than those from shops. They are free from chemical pollution. Harvesting your own food is very satisfying and all you need is some time and a little care! Moreover, growing your own food saves money which for many people is very important these days.

Allotments have become once again popular and form a good remedy against depression and unemployment.

Instead of ornamental shrubs or trees one might just as well plant edible plants like Pawpaws (Asimina triloba) or Kaki’s (Diospyros kaki). They are just as ornamental and as a bonus give a harvest of delicious fruits! In well protected, sunny city gardens it is even possible to grow your own citrus.

Asimina triloba

The Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) is very hardy; de edible fruits have a tropical taste

The usefulness of plants has always been very important for exotic plant botanical garden “De Groene Prins”. For example, we have built a carport from our own harvest of bamboo canes and in spring fresh bamboo shoots from our garden are on the menu. Some common weeds like hairy bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta) are delicious in salads.

In Mediterranean gardens herbs like Oregano and Rosemary are essential just as Fig trees and grapes. Less well known are hardy gingers like Zingiber mioga. Much too often hot spots like sunny walls remain unused.

Many new and useful plants wait for your curiosity .. enjoy your meal!


kaki can be grown in the Dutch climate against a hot, south-facing wall

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