Mountain bananas in unheated greenhouse

Mountain bananas
Musa ‘Chinichampa’ escaped through the roof of this polytunnel

Mountain bananas can give our garden a tropical look with protection during the winter. But can they also produce ripe bananas under favourable conditions in our climate? Our growing season outside is too short for this. Maybe it is possible in an unheated greenhouse? read on >>

Botanical garden and nursery

You’re welcome to visit our botanical garden and nursery to view and / or buy plants. We’re only open by appointment – Please call +31 (0)622370001 first!

New – Bottlebrush, Grevillia, Kiwi ..

Bottlebrush at de Groene Prins

Bottlebrush for your garden

Just in: plants for planting out (Callistemon rigidus, € 15) and Grevillea juniperrina (€ 15). Both suit a Mediterranean garden well! (We do not send plants by post) Furthermore:
14 kinds of kiwi berry (Actinidia, hardier than the normal Kiwi) in 5 litre pots: Adam (♂), Pineapple naya, Bingo, Chang Bai Giant, Dr. Szymanowski, Geneva, Hardy Red, Jumbo, Kokuwa, Lucy, M (♂), Rogow, Scarlet September and Sentyabrskaya (€ 15)

Various winter-hardy Fuchsias

Lesser known climbers: Periploca graeca and Holboellia latifolia (€27,50)

Real Gunnera manicata available!

Gunnera manicata
Gunnera manicata

For the time being we have only a few specimens in 50 liter tubs at € 95 each. They are not tinctorias. If you have room for this colossal plant – try it!

Camellia hedge

Camellia Spring festival

Camellia Spring Festival, strongly upright evergreen
beautiful quality

200-250 cm, in large pot. Price only € 125
shipping possible

Also large pruned plants with multiple trunks available!