Corona – botanical garden open

Our part of Holland is still a relatively safe area. You are welcome to visit the botanical garden and / or buy plants. (Please call 0622370001 first). In the open air there is virtually no risk of contamination. We adhere to all Covid guidelines: keep your distance and we will not be killing each other for the time being ..!

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t currrently accept pin payments at de Groene Prins

New – Bottlebrush, Grevillia, Kiwi ..

Bottlebrush at de Groene Prins

Bottlebrush for your garden

Just in: plants for planting out (Callistemon rigidus, € 15) and Grevillea juniperrina (€ 15). Both suit a Mediterranean garden well! (We do not send plants by post) Furthermore:
14 kinds of kiwi berry (Actinidia, hardier than the normal Kiwi) in 5 litre pots: Adam (♂), Pineapple naya, Bingo, Chang Bai Giant, Dr. Szymanowski, Geneva, Hardy Red, Jumbo, Kokuwa, Lucy, M (♂), Rogow, Scarlet September and Sentyabrskaya (€ 15)

Various winter-hardy Fuchsias

Lesser known climbers: Periploca graeca and Holboellia latifolia (€27,50)

Real Gunnera manicata available!

For the time being we have only a few specimens in 50 liter tubs at € 95 each. They are not tinctorias. If you have room for this colossal plant – try it!

Gunnera manicata
Gunnera manicata

Camellia hedge

Camellia Spring Festival, strongly upright evergreen
beautiful quality

200-250 cm, in large pot. Price only € 125
shipping possible

Also large pruned plants with multiple trunks available!

Camellia Spring Festival - great as a hedge. Available now at DeGroenePrins