Massive bamboo shoots

Massive bamboo shoots30 years ago I fell in love with bamboo. I wanted to try bamboo in my garden, started a nursery (De Groene Prins) and am still in love with my fascinating bamboo. I have now had a strong bamboo carport for 10 years (of course from my own garden!) And I regularly eat home grown fresh bamboo shoots. Countless species have been planted out in our botanical garden.

Read more about our massive bamboo shoots!

Pallets rather than parcels to the UK

If you want to order plants, please be aware that we would advise only accepting delivery to the UK by pallet, and cannot guarantee the survival of your order otherwise. Conventional package deliveries such as PostNL in the Netherlands sometimes damage packages or keep them waiting for weeks in storage depots .. all to the detriment of the botanical gems inside!

Great gadget for green fingers .. the 4-in-1 plantmonitor!

The 4-in-1 plant monitor – this device leaves you in no doubt about optimal fertility, correct root humidity, light intensity and temperature! Simply insert the monitor into the pot with the plant to be monitored. With a smartphone a Bluetooth connection is made to the gadget. Through the app (“Flower Care”) you have access to the optimal growth factors per plant (a large database of plant names plus optimal growth factors is available for this) and a connection is made to the device. I have tested it, it works really well! You can get reports per period. There is a telephone helpline for people who cannot manage the installation well.

Here for sale for € 30 incl battery. Especially interesting for people with precious tub plants!

Jubaea, Rhapidophyllum, Butia and Trachycarpus palms have arrived!

Jubaea chilensis, the strongest of the feather palms, which needs winter protection in our climate, is a great asset to the tropical garden! And we have them in stock! Very good quality. Trunk diameter is 20 cm (8″), pot 30L, price € 145,-
For the more patient among you we also have seedlings …
(Be aware that this rare palm is not suited to beginners! I also have palms which are less demanding ..)

Also available from stock: Rhapidophyllum hystrix, one of the hardiest palms in winter, 70-80 cm (30″), pot 10L, € 55,-

We also have a few varieties of Butia in various sizes. For example, Butia capitata,  and of course various Trachycarpus, such as the wonderful ‘Wensan’ with its circular leaves!

New plants

As of the beginning of March de Groeneprins has interesting Camellias in stock:

Camellia black lace at deGroenePrinsBlack Lace, 35 litre pots, 130-140 cm hoog (4,5 feet), top quality and full of buds! Price €125

New prices in 2019

Camellia oliefera Lushan

Winter flowering Camellia oleifera also on sale this year!

We are kicking off 2019 with good news: The tax on plants in the Netherlands has been raised from 6% to 9%. But we’re not passing this rise on to you.

So you’re effectively better off this year at De Groene Prins!

Protecting your plants from winter frosts

protecting your plants from winter frosts

Wrapping your plants well and using plenty of straw is important in severe to very severe frosts!

Winter can arrive suddenly and unexpectedly. Make sure you’re prepared .. protect your garden bananas with leaves and stram from autumn onwards! I try to get the little shoots safely through the winter with straw insulation, so that there is a chance of flowering next year. If moderate frost I use bubble-wrap and as soon as the leaves are brown, I add a layer of tarpaulin.
In severe frosts also protect palms by firstly binding the leaves together in a kind of pointed hat, and then insulating with reed mats or a few layers of fleece cloth.

And then keep your fingers crossed …

Pallet deliveries abroad

This autumn we sent a packaged Camellia to a client in Budapest. It took 12 days for the parcel to be delivered by the Dutch ‘Postnl’ company. So from now to reduce the risk of accidents to our precious plants we are advising foreign clients to accept deliveries by pallet only!