Hardy continuously flowering shrub

This variety is very strong!

A remarkably strong grevillea which we once brought from Australia is now available; the cuttings have been successful! Price EU 12.50
This species flowers pink-red as long as the temperature permits it. Stock is limited, so one plant per customer is the maximum …

Another new Australian is Dianella tasmanica ‘XXL’, of which finally cuttings are available (also 1 per customer). they are seedlings of a remarkably large specimen, the size of a medium-sized Phormium.

New: from now (16 July 2018) seedlings for sale of an interesting cross: Trachycarpus princeps x wagnerianus. Price EU 8.50

Record warmth in May and privacy rules

The record warmth of May brings the fact home to us: our climate is getting warmer. This inspired me to once again plant some South American palms in the open ground:

Butia eriospatha and Jubaea chilensis

These strong feathery palms provide an even more tropical effect than the fan palms. They also grow much better in the ground than in a tub! We will protect these with tunnel arches and greenhouse foil. Insulation is achieved with bubble wrap. In a severe frost, a fan heater will keep the temperature around zero degrees.

Privacy rules

We’ve always respected your privacy! See here for more information


Plants that didn’t survive the winter

After the recent unusually warm period, we can now (in June) draw up the balance to determine for which of our plants last winter proved fatal!

Despite winter protection, 2 tree ferns froze in the ground. (Dicksonia antarctica). That hurts! The dry east wind (wind force 6 to 7) at temperatures down to -10 was too much for them.

Of the 6 mountain bananas in the ground and protected with straw, only Musa yunnanense didn’t survive. Musa basjoo, Chini Champa, Musa sikkimensis, Helen’s Hybrid and sp. Yunnan are already growing again. It’s certainly good news that Musa Chini Champa (one of the most beautiful edible fruit bearing bananas) is alive and growing well! In addition to straw, it also had bubble wrap as protection.

Of the 24 species of Eucalyptus, 3 have taken the lead: Eucalyptus amygdalina, Eucalyptus vernicosum and Eucalyptus regnans. The other 21 are growing again, although some of the less strong species have suffered frost damage.

Acacia dealbata var. subalpina froze but is nevertheless growing again.
All cordylines have succumbed, despite winter protection with conifer branches and jute.
Balaskion (the Australian counterpart of the South African Restio) didn’t make it, unfortunately
Trachycarpus princeps has succumbed to the cold despite winter protection.

In summary, you can say that almost all exotics do just fine in the our North-Dutch soil!

Palms and rhododendrons

Large Trachycarpus fortunei

We’ve got large Trachycarpus fortunei in stock for just € 285 euro!

And there are great new plants for you to come and have a look at. Our collection of garden palms has been extended with an assortment of 30-140 cm trunked palms! And the rhododendrons are beginning to bloom! It’s really beautiful in the garden now.

Camellias on display

Camellias in the Jungle garden

Only 3 weeks ago people were skating on the lakes around our area near Giethoorn, but summer temperatures are expected for the coming days!! The Camellias don’t mind – they are putting on an awesome display right now.

Customs damage

Be careful when exporting or importing plants – customs sometimes destroy plants and call this “inspection”!

On offer: Rhododendron macabeanum

Rhododendron macabeanum
Rhododendron macabeanum with giant leaves from Ireland, potted in 12L containers for just €35 each. A valuable addition to your exotic garden, this plant matures to a tree of tropical allure with masses of fantastic large yellow blooms!

Rare plants now available!

We now have the following beauties in stock:

Woodwardia fimbriata, a large fern for sheltered, damp spots
Polypodium ‘Whitley Giant’, a large, good hardy variety of the oak fern (Polypodium vulgare)

The following plants have long proven their hardiness:

Rhododendron macabeanum ,  Blechnum nova-zelandiae ,  Blechnum magellanicum,  Blechnum nudum ,  Astelia nervosa

(Please collect at our nursery in Northern Holland as we aren’t able to send plants to you!)