Bamboo society

On Sunday 14 November 2021 we will host a meeting of the European Bamboo Society (division NL) here at de Groene Prins. If you are interested, or would like information, please give us a ring on +31(0)0622370001

Botanical garden and nursery

De Groene prins botanical garden
Banana plants in the botanical garden

De Groene Prins is an exotic plant nursery and botanical garden in northern Holland. Here you can see which beautiful exotics do well in our west-European climate!

Eucalyptus often recovers from severe frost

Ecualyptus-viminalis - very hardy

After last winter’s (2021) severe cold spell, we have seen that a number of species, such as Eucalyptus viminalis (photo) and Eucalyptus dalrympleana can quickly grow back from the top of the root. Simply cut the dead trunk off above that!