Plant and pot sizes


What plant and pot size should you choose with a view to getting it home? Well, an average sized bamboo will be around 60cm (2 feet) tall in a small 2 litre pot, around 125cm (4 feet high) in a 5 litre pot and around 175cm high in a 12 litre pot. Dwarf bamboos are, of course, smaller, and the taller species are available in 25 litre pots (around 3m – 9 feet high) and 50 litre pots (around 4m – 12 feet high). Subject to availability and season we have giant clumps available directly from the ground at De Groene Prins; these plants may then be around 6m (18 feet) in height. In an average car you can squeeze in around 30 plants in 5 litre pots, or around 50 2 litre pots. Or we can deliver large plants for you on pallets at a rate of 50ct per kilometre.


An average car will take a palm to a pot size of around 25 litres. Larger sizes to trunk size of around 100cm (3 feet) can be delivered on pallets if required. Trunk sizes upward of 150cm (4,5 feet) won’t fit easily in cars; we’d recommend a trailer. Palms with trunks larger than 200cm (6 feet) are arranged with a specialized transport company.


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