Musa Helens Hybrid

Moderate leaf loss
Musa Helens Hybrid
  • Hardy to ? °C
Helen’s Hybrid may be a cross between Musa sikkimensis Red Tiger and Musa Chinichampa. Seedlings from this happy marriage are not uniform. Some resemble their father, some resemble their mother. Most plants are intermediate like the one pictured. With maximum winter protection this might be an interesting addition to the assortment of garden banana's. small quantities sometimes available, all from seed and not from tissue culture (= not from a laboratory). I cannot guarantee it's winter hardyness, probably next year.
Max 4m
Slow spreader
Sizes and prices  9cm pot €8,50 11 cm pot €12,50, 2Liter=€15, 3L=€22,50, 5L=€27,50, 10L=€30, 12L=€35, 25L=€57,50 Full price list

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