Fargesia murieliae x nitida

Fargesia murieliae x nitida
  • Hedge
  • Hardy to -20 °C
New beautiful hybrid of two top clumping bamboos, very vigorous and healthy plants suitable for hedges or as specimens. Even better than its parents! The birds in your garden will appreciate the safe and cat-proof nesting opportunities offered by the dense foliage. "Dawei" is one of the best selections.
Max 3m
Slow spreader
Sizes and prices  3Liter=€20 5L=€27,50 7L=€32,50 12L=€45 25L = €85 65L=€135 Full price list

Fargesia murieliae x nitida Viking


Some leaf loss
Fargesia murieliae x nitida Viking
  • Tub plant
  • Solitary
  • Hedge
  • Hardy to -25 °C
Very vigorous growth, selected by Hans Verweij in 2005. Upright, strong plant, eventually 3-4 meters tall. Better than it's parents!
Max 3.5m
Sizes and prices  2 Liter=€15 3 L=€20 5L=€25 7L 12L=€35 25L=€55 Full price list

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