Eucalyptus neglecta

Omeo gum

Eucalyptus neglecta
  • Solitary
  • Hedge
  • Hardy to -15 °C
"Omeo gum". Young branches are square, the leaves are dark grey-green and large. The bark is rough, grooved and fibred. It grows moderately fast as a shrub. According to the Americans the hardiest eucalyptus! It seems reasonably hardy here, recovers remarkably wel from freeze-back. Recovered from the harsh winters of 2003 and 2005. Tolerates poor drainage. Has a strong Eucalyptus smell, and is very good in your bath or sauna.
Max 9m
Sizes and prices  9cm pot €8,50 11 cm pot €12,50, 2Liter=€15, 3L=€22,50, 5L=€27,50, 10L=€30, 12L=€35, 25L=€57,50 Full price list

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