Chamaerops humilis (Mediterranean or European palm)

Mediterranean or European palm

Moderate leaf loss
Chamaerops humilis (Mediterranean or European palm)
  • Tub plant
  • Solitary
  • Mediterranean
  • Hardy to -10 °C
A well known palm , indigenous in the Mediterranean Region. Produces many young sprouts. Could for seaside gardens in full sun against a south facing wall, but needs winter protection in more inland gardens. The form 'Cerifera' has bluish leaves and may be hardier, but hates moisture in the winter. 'Vulcano' is a compact form that seems to tolerate moist winters better.
Max 100cm
Slow spreader
Sizes and prices  3Liter=€20 5L=€27,50 7L=€32,50 12L=€45 25L = €75 65L=€125 Full price list

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