Astelia chathamica Silver Spear

Astelia chathamica Silver Spear
  • Tub plant
  • Solitary
  • Hardy to -15 °C
Beautiful Phormium-like plant with which it combines well; especially good in coastal areas. Maximum hardiness is better than expected, since its introduction in the garden it has survived 20 degrees of frost (with protection) !!! Another winter killed it unfortunately.
This plant can be found in the botanical garden in the following locations:
Southern Hemisphere
Max 1.5m
Sizes and prices  9cm pot €8,50 11 cm pot €12,50, 2Liter=€15, 3L=€25, 5L=€32,50, 7L=47,50, 12L=€75, 25L=€160  Full price list

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