New: Nelumbo ‘Maria Antonia’

Nelumbo ‘Maria Antonia’ (photo by Bandus)
Vigorous selection from the Bandus nursery, 1 plant per customer in 35L pot: €65
The first flower opened on 5th august last year!

Bashania qingshengshanensis : amazingly hardy

Amazing message from inland Sweden about Bashania qingshengshanensis:

Hi Hans (and team?)

A couple of years ago (2008?) I bought a small division of Bashania q. from you. In the years it has survived -30C twice since then. A fullgrown Rhododendron catawbiense froze to death but the bamboo was unharmed. My garden is outside of Skövde at 200m elevation. The great news is that the new shots are nearly 2,5cm in diameter. If this is what I hope this is not only at least as hardy as Fargesia murielae but also much bigger. Did I mention it spreads aggressivly? No other bamboo do that in my climate, not even Sasa palmata or S.kurilensis.

Of course this is not impressive in the Netherlands but here in inland Sweden its something different.

Best regards

Ludvig Johansson

Phyllostachys nuda

Phyllostachys nuda
Things are growing fast here and we’re running out of space. So please help us by picking up some extremely hardy Phyllostachys nuda at 50% reduction this month! It’s top quality, well rooted and ideal as a hedge or windbreak. You can pick it up yourself or get in touch for pallet delivery.

Magnolia grandiflora

Long flowering evergreen Magnolias flourish at de Groene Prins. Their wonderful fragrance is a delightful surprize to many. It’s a mystery why this hardy tree is still not well known.

Hedychium Rubra

Gorgeous Hedychium Rubra was the most stunning ornamental ginger last summer.
We still do have a few young plants in stock!

We ship only on pallets to some countries

Young Lagerstroemia after “inspection” by Swedish customs … Due to security inspections made by customs in some countries (i.e. Belgium or Sweden), we do not send parcels anymore as the delay and the inspection method causes severe harm to the plants. We regret this situation and hope you understand. Shipping plants on pallets is safe, however, as this allows free visual inspection. after customs inspection