De Groene Prins on TV

You can get a visual impression of our botanical garden here , in a documentary recently broadcast on the Dutch programme ‘BinnensteBuiten’. So it’s in Dutch, but there’s nice film!

Corona-free garden

The botanical garden of De Groene Prins is virus-free, as are the owners. Groups of more than 5 people are best split up. You are most welcome after a telephone call (06 22370001) so that I can ensure that visitors are spread out, even if I will not shake hands in the coming weeks …

Airpots for a better result

Eucalytpus in airpots

The switch from traditional pots to “airpots” (pots full of holes) is a recent development in arboriculture. Not without reason: tests have shown that root development in airpots is better, with a balanced root system as a result.

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Winter camellias

All these beautiful camellias were in flower on 22 January 2020
in the Groene Prins Botanical Garden!

Fresh rare Camellia seeds on offer

Fresh camellia seeds on offer of rare, single flower varieties. Germination guaranteed; they are fresh seeds. They can be sown all year. We keep the seeds cool and don’t allow them to dry out. Soak for 24 hours before planting to aid germination!

Bloei Camellia bij Botanische tuin De Groene Prins

Camellia japonica ‘White Nun’, single white flower, strong variety!

Camellia Berenice Body met enkele roze bloemen bij Botanische tuin De Groene Prins

Camellia japonica ‘Berenice Body’, single light pink flower, very hardy

Camellia Jupiter met enkele rode bloemen bij Botanische tuin De Groene Prins

Camellia japonica ‘Jupiter‘, single red, very hardy

10 seeds: €5
25 seeds : €10
50 seeds : €17,50
100 seeds : €30
Shipping at cost price