Winter camellias

All these beautiful camellias were in flower on 22 January 2020
in the Groene Prins Botanical Garden!

Fresh rare Camellia seeds on offer

Fresh camellia seeds on offer of rare, single flower varieties. Germination guaranteed; they are fresh seeds. They can be sown all year. We keep the seeds cool and don’t allow them to dry out. Soak for 24 hours before planting to aid germination!

Bloei Camellia bij Botanische tuin De Groene Prins

Camellia japonica ‘White Nun’, single white flower, strong variety!

Camellia Berenice Body met enkele roze bloemen bij Botanische tuin De Groene Prins

Camellia japonica ‘Berenice Body’, single light pink flower, very hardy

Camellia Jupiter met enkele rode bloemen bij Botanische tuin De Groene Prins

Camellia japonica ‘Jupiter‘, single red, very hardy

10 seeds: €5
25 seeds : €10
50 seeds : €17,50
100 seeds : €30
Shipping at cost price

Massive bamboo shoots

Massive bamboo shoots30 years ago I fell in love with bamboo. I wanted to try bamboo in my garden, started a botanical garden (De Groene Prins) and am still in love with my fascinating bamboo. I have now had a strong bamboo carport for 10 years (of course from my own garden!) And I regularly eat home grown fresh bamboo shoots. Countless species have been planted out in our botanical garden.

Read more about our massive bamboo shoots!

Jubaea, Rhapidophyllum, Butia and Trachycarpus palms have arrived!

Jubaea chilensis in the deGroenePrins botanical garden

Jubaea chilensis, the strongest of the feather palms, which needs winter protection in our climate, is a great asset to the tropical garden! And we have them in stock! Very good quality. Trunk diameter is 20 cm (8″), pot 30L, price € 145,-
For the more patient among you we also have seedlings …
(Be aware that this rare palm is not suited to beginners! I also have palms which are less demanding ..)

Also available from stock: Rhapidophyllum hystrix, one of the hardiest palms in winter, 70-80 cm (30″), pot 10L, € 55,-

We also have a few varieties of Butia in various sizes. For example, Butia capitata,  and of course various Trachycarpus, such as the wonderful ‘Wensan’ with its circular leaves!