Jubaea chilensis

Chilean wine palm

Some leaf loss
Jubaea chilensis
  • Solitary
  • Hardy to -10 °C
A South American palm with pinnate leaves, will withstand heavy frost if big enough. Plant as a seedling, which produces a big root system. Very slow growing palm! Drainage should be perfect! Choose a spot against a South facing wall. Develops a huge grey trunk after many years. Likes moderate heat, however survives in a colder climate as well. Old imported plants (15-18 yrs) to order from about 200 euro's up. Needs fungicide-treatment with a broad spectrum fungicide before and after each winter to prevent rot of the spear. Edible seeds.
This plant can be found in the botanical garden in the following locations:
Max 10m
Sizes and prices  1 year old seedlings €15, 2 yr old €25, 15 l=€100 Full price list

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